by Grass is Green

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(free) 02:31


released September 10, 2010

Andy Chervenak - Guitar/Vocals
Devin McKnight - Guitar
Dario Olachea - Bass
Jesse Weiss - Drums

Recorded by Jesse Weiss.
Produced/Mixed by Michael John Thomas III.
Mastered by Devin Ocampo.
All songs written by Grass is Green
Except "I'll Have Mine" which was written by Grass is Green and Lucas Carr.

Artwork by Christopher Chin.


all rights reserved



Grass is Green Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: No Legs
Topic of conversation heeds too much
Am I too far gone to even try?
You don’t know but I bet you heard the news
Don’t creep around, just let me inside
You always dip out when I’m around
(Take in stride)
Maybe we can even get together on a weekend
We can
(Take in stride)
Maybe, girl, you better watch out. Man, You better watch out.
Because I drop in like this all the time
You can laugh at me for trying 

Track Name: Feeling Different
All in good time conscious steam fills your
Head first into the aftermath
Then sails back into the past
Into nothing
Where you can’t be bothered even knowing
The force behind the will I tried
Nothing but walls to hold by in that crowded tomb
That’s not you closing your eyes
Believing nothing
With no one to hear you shed a tear
Reminds me of the time I cried
Now unsaddled I can try, I can
Dream and face the act for all i care
I don’t care. That okay? Run along.
I wont cave. I won’t mind. Alright
I feel indifferent.
Track Name: Ste 007
We stayed high while the rest of the room
Took a hit again, again, and again
All caught inside, it’s sure to leave a mark soon
We prattled on, beckoning from side to side
In the presence of men, I can’t, I can’t repent
Track Name: Tricky Tim's "Night On the Town"
Lessons lately blinding judgement
Meltdown at the subway station
Almost onto something, the constant
Trying, turning pages, un-trying.
Handsome waitress, blind with hatred
Stares down all your empty glasses
Drowns the pitcher half with water
I won’t be there for I am expired
And I believe that I’m on trial
All the while.
She don’t want it, she don’t hate you
Goes to pursue other wastelands
You can’t see it right behind you
Another reason for you to pretend
We shook hands once when I was livid
But it’s all right now
We played apart
Gave birth too a new apparition
Do you feel me?
Can you taste it?
I can hardly believe it
You pay no mind
Track Name: Gallery Place
Some people have eyes for the ceiling
And some have eyes for the ground
Wouldn’t do nothing to greet me
People just standing around
And they mind
Well how about you?
Paper pusher’s wet dreams for retro girls on the metro
You aren’t even wearing their boredom and pain
You can take my seat as a gesture
You can take my seat as a right
If I can only keep my balance
Do I seem contrived?
Do you hear what I’m asking?
Do i seem contrived?
This is my stop. 

Track Name: Gung Ho!
Me, I was seventeen.
And back in the day, we chilled in the park
We pick up the stones and pass them around
On the playground.
And he said, “We don’t mind wasting time. Feels all right.
Never asked for nothing more than another lousy twenty sack of grass.”
And laughed.
The insight, we came by
Walking into town
Always on the move and I
Spark another jack, ‘cause I can’t hold back
Freddy’s evil grin, Danny’s growing dim, Jimmy’s swollen hand
And my mouth is dry
Born and raised to stay and we cannot find a way out
You took my empty hand and I tried to let go
I may walk too fast.
Track Name: Uhm Tsk
My analysis is only second hand
The numb paralysis of lessons did make the
Same mistake every day. Why?
Same mistake everyday.
It derives from 40%
Whatever makes you see straight
Whatever rights your wrong
Don’t wanna waste the distaste
Because if you wait too long
You could spend all your short life writing him bad checks
Spit in the process
Who spit in the wishing well?
I stole from the cookie jar
Track Name: Greenville
But of all these things just floating around in my head
This one seems nice
This one seems right
But then I saw something different, that I couldn’t believe.
Found it in the lost and found
Watering my medication
Something different
In my life
People run and hide some times
So long.
So far.
Track Name: I'll Have Mine
Just the thought,
“There could always be something better”
Is quite under question.
But then
I find myself feeling just like I had none but the standard dosage
Maggie with her eyes so blue
I could only turn away
Rest assured
I’ll have mine
Live to kill another day
Dreaming feels like a blunt hammer on a heavy conscious
Daytime in the sack.
Then one wonders what one does once he has won the one thing he admires
You won’t find it here
Track Name: Blueville
I’m just a hybrid half-blood
A fraction of the would-not; has-beens.
The song persists, keeps counting down
Till I make my next frown
And never forgive me
For barely trying
Never forgive me, again.
Footsteps on the back porch
The night after Higgons died.
Take me to your favorite bike path
Would you take my dog for a walk?
And tell him I miss him.
I barely tried
Tell him i miss him today.

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